Reiki me,be Reiki,Reiki pour la vie!

My first encounter with Reiki Usui,was while I was living & working in Abu Dhabi.

I always thank deeply Susan Smith for her guidance and teaching!Bless you,dear Susan!

Since that time, Reiki becomes a way of life, a “wonderful Lifestyle”, a way of being my “true self”, a better me,each day.

This is not about “doing Reiki”,but  more like “being Reiki”,a 24/7 open loving house,my own temple,my way.

I choose to free myself from old beliefs and some experiences from past.

Each day is a new day,new page to live fully,as we all know,right!?

Each day is a chance to believe more in myself ; that is what I try to pass it on,to each person that comes to me for a Reiki session!

All is about is LOVE!

Loving ourself fully!

Forgiving ourselves,we can be shy and  feel embarassed  at the beginning,than it becomes smoother and easier!

Reiki is easy, and for everybody!

Reiki is in all of us,dare to (RE) discover it!

Be Bold,Be Reiki pour la VIE!

Love,Light,Laugh !



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