Hello Reiki Girls&Boys!


What is your “Just 4 Today” today’s thought?

I am happy to share mine with you!

Just for today, I honor and invite all my talents and creativity to manifest in the physical plane!

Yes, I accept and invite to manifestation my creativity;therefore I let my inner child to play full swing today!

Yes,I am opened to my talents to show up clearly in my day-to-day life!

Yes, I accept the fact that I am a unlimited being!

Yes,”Just for today”, I decide to shine bright and raise up my frequency,my vibes to the highest possible!

Yes, I am  a very  Happy Reiki Girl!

Yes, I trust myself as I decide to be my best friend along the path!

Yes,Just for today, all my talents show up and guide me to new opportunities

Yes,Just for today, I let myself be the explorer of my inner wisdom!

Yes,Just for today,I decide to live fully !


And You, tell me;what do you do JUST FOR TODAY?


With love!

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