Bonjour à toutes&tous!


Reiki talked to me at the first initiation,as his principles or let’s say his guidelines ,always starts by “JUST FOR TODAY”- No pressure ever.


Yes, Just for today and I enjoy creating my own mantra for each day.Sometimes,I used them for weeks,hours,years!


Just For Today,I am legitimate !

Just For Today, I love myself fully!

Just For Today,I choose forgiveness all the way!




What about You?

I would like to take the chance to thanks my fabulous Reiki students,I prefer to say “my” Reiki Folks or Reiki Girls&Boys, to keep asking me questions alone their path,in order for all of us to grow, and find and approach our own inner bright light,Inner Wisdom!


I am very blessed for living Reiki,and keep sharing with you beautiful experiences .


Wishing you,an amazing day ahead!


Be Reiki,Just For Today!

With LoVe!


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