Going with our own flow,period!2017-07-04T14:56:13+00:00

Hello Reiki Folks!


Here we go,the end of the year is kicking in..

For some of us ,this period of the year brings joy ,and is a synonyme of celebrations with Family and Friends.

For others,this  period can be very emotional,bringing back sorrows, feeling of sadness,emptiness,and some of us feel even a bit shy to say ” I don’t like it”!

All of that is perfectly fine!

Well, let me tell you something;this period bring me  a mixed of feelings,and it can be like sitting on a roller-coaster,can’t it be?!

So I decide that from my 45 birthday (09/12),I will welcome all of them!Coz as a Reiki Master,I choose “Just for today” philosophy !

As soon as we acknowledge our feelings,”happy or less happy”,we can  choose  for how long we wish to remain in the “Fell good or not”,and again all of the 2 options are fine and shift when we feel like it.

Just remind your beautiful self,that you are not doing any good to  Higher self and inner child (I call them my little committee ) to stay in the low energy field by being sad for too long.

Lets take the opportunity of the New Year, to smile our ass off from all the experiences we went through;and we know we went through a lot!

Let’s decide to be each day, a better person for ourself first and for others.

Choose yourself,pick up your pack of sadness,bitterness and stormy moments and say “bye -bye” to them.

Let’s travel light!

Love & Smile & light


V. Reiki Master!