Just For Today

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Hello Reiki Girls&Boys!   What is your "Just 4 Today" today's thought? I am happy to share mine with you! Just for today, I honor and invite all my talents and creativity to manifest in the physical plane! Yes, I accept and invite to manifestation my creativity;therefore I let my inner child to play full [...]

Just for Today Day

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Bonjour à toutes&tous!   Reiki talked to me at the first initiation,as his principles or let's say his guidelines ,always starts by "JUST FOR TODAY"- No pressure ever.   Yes, Just for today and I enjoy creating my own mantra for each day.Sometimes,I used them for weeks,hours,years!   Just For Today,I am legitimate ! Just [...]

Reiki me, be Reiki,Reiki pour la vie!

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Reiki me,be Reiki,Reiki pour la vie! My first encounter with Reiki Usui,was while I was living & working in Abu Dhabi. I always thank deeply Susan Smith for her guidance and teaching!Bless you,dear Susan! Since that time, Reiki becomes a way of life, a "wonderful Lifestyle", a way of being my "true self", a better [...]

Premiers pas,first steps on my blog!

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Here we go! My first tip toes on my blog   This sunset is for you,first readers It has been taken in beautiful AD,where my story starts Less,my  first encounter with the Reiki Usui took place in Abu Dhabi.Years back,,,Oh! well as we say " time fly while you are having fun"! I met Reiki,like [...]