Just for Today Day

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Bonjour à toutes&tous!   Reiki talked to me at the first initiation,as his principles or let's say his guidelines ,always starts by "JUST FOR TODAY"- No pressure ever.   Yes, Just for today and I enjoy creating my own mantra for each day.Sometimes,I used them for weeks,hours,years!   Just For Today,I am legitimate ! Just [...]

Reiki me, be Reiki,Reiki pour la vie!

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Reiki me,be Reiki,Reiki pour la vie! My first encounter with Reiki Usui,was while I was living & working in Abu Dhabi. I always thank deeply Susan Smith for her guidance and teaching!Bless you,dear Susan! Since that time, Reiki becomes a way of life, a "wonderful Lifestyle", a way of being my "true self", a better [...]